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Information for GP colleagues



At the Ramsay Horton Treatment Centre we are in a fortunate position to be able to offer the fastest access to surgery for joint replacements and arthroscopies for patients from our whole catchment area. With the huge backlog built up even before the pandemic we anticipate NHS waiting times to increase substantially in the coming months.


If your patient had been listed for surgery before lockdown they will be contacted,  and operated on so no action is needed on your part. 

I am conscious how difficult the situation is in general practice with increasing workload and worsening conditions none of which were helped by the pandemic.

I am determined not to add to your workload and have the following measures in place:


  • I arrange blood test for my outpatients and do not ask you to do it

  • I do not automatically discharge patients in case they do not attend (I offer 2 more appointments)

  • I refer patients on to colleagues directly for the same problem instead of referring them back to you

  • I ask patients to get in touch with us in case of postoperative problems

  • I use dissolvable sutures for all my patients so no removal of sutures or staples is needed by your practice nurse

I hope these measures will help you and your team, even if in a small way. If there is anything else you feel I could do make the patient journey smoother please let me know.


I welcome both self-funding patients and work with all private insurers. I am offering a premium service with 3-4 week waiting times and cutting edge technologies such as custom made knee replacements and minimally invasive surgery.


If you wish to refer private patients for hip and knee problems you can do so by sending your letter to:


Mr Geza Kordas Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Ramsay Horton Treatment Centre

Oxford Road

OX16 9FG


Or via secure email:

I am also happy to arrange educational events on topics that may interest you such as conservative treatments for arthritis, sports injuries and injection workshops.


Thank you for trusting me with your patients' orthopaedic care in the last 8 years and I am looking forward to continuing our collaboration.

Download our patient leaflet on coping with arthritic pain here.

Ramsay Horton Treatment Centre
Oxford Road, Banbury, OX16 9FG

01295 755010

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