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Banbury Guardian 2017

How long have you been working as an orthopaedic consultant and why did you choose this area of expertise?

 I started in orthopaedics in 1997 and was first appointed as a consultant in 2009. I became interested in orthopaedics in the final years of university when I did my thesis with a knee surgeon who is a great role model for me. Orthopaedics has gone through immense change over the course of the last 20 years and it was very exciting to be able to take part in and contribute to this process.

People often write off hip and knee injuries as just a sprain, but what signs should we look out for to indicate it is something more serious which may need treatment?

If pain and limited mobility  go on for longer than a few weeks or keep recurring it might indicate that something more serious is going on. It is useful to get specialist opinion to make sure no further damage is done to the joint and if necessary the right treatment is initiated in a timely manner.

What are the most typical complaints or injuries you treat?

I see a lot of younger patients with sport injuries from cartilage damage to cruciate ligament tears of the knee. These are very common especially in people playing football and rugby. In January-March I see a fair few skiers as well. On the other end of the spectrum are people with hip and knee arthritis who need joint replacement surgery. It is very satisfying to see them coming back only a few weeks after surgery smiling and without their sticks!

How does the way in which we live in early life affect our joints in later life?

 Joints are very delicate structures and most of them serve us well into our old age. However, the joint surface is unique in that once it is damaged it cannot heal and this can lead to arthritis later in life. It is therefore very important that any joint injury is assessed quickly and treated appropriately. Maintaining a healthy weight is also beneficial for the hip and knee joint, so they don`t wear out prematurely.

Can you tell us what particularly you find beneficial about what Horton Treatment Centre has to offer to patients?

 The Horton Treatment Centre is a very modern facility with fabulous staff. It is a pleasure working there and my experience is that patients will get the best care from happy staff. Waiting times compare very favourably with other providers in the area and we can accommodate private patients even quicker. Patients complimented on the quality of food and it is easy to park. 

You’re obviously a very busy man. How do you relax?

I love nature and try to go outside with my kids on the weekend whenever the weather is suitable. I help with the local Sea-scouts especially with sailing sessions which is great fun.

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